One of the most common accidents that occur in various openings, whether they are windows or balcony doors, is the one with the vertical screens. There are many times when due to carelessness mainly due to young children, the elderly or even lovable pets who do not see that the screen is down. So in their attempt to penetrate the opening they hastily ignore the fact that it is lowered having as the release of the screen.

Once the screen is unlocked from the bottom it has the consequence that it goes up with great speed upwards hiding many consequences. Surely you have heard or worse have experienced blows to the face or other parts of the body, from the sudden raising of the screen.

The best way to deal with it is the screw brakes. These so small and at the same time so necessary components are placed in the screen mechanism in order to reduce the ascent speed during unlocking, avoiding any risk of accident.You can compare the cost of the screen brakes and tell us if it is bigger or smaller in the face of an accident !.