An armored door can have a dual lock and unlock system, meaning you need two different keys to lock and unlock the door. It is either a single lock with 2 cylinders (see DOUBLE LOCKS) or two separate locks of independent operation, one basic (see SINGLE LOCKS) and a second automatic mechanical lock (see ABLOY AYTOMATH MHXANH). Double lock or double locks can be applied to all shielding models of our company with additional costs ranging from 180 to 250 euros providing additional security as well as special operating characteristics. In terms of additional functional features, both of these locking systems provide us with the possibility of third party access to our space, while the system with the two locks also ensures that the door locks automatically after each closing.

< In terms of additional security, having two different cylinders alone essentially means a double effort for any would-be burglar, especially when it comes to security doors with genuine Defender cylinder protection and additional lock body shielding metals (see SIAMO TOP). SYSTEM), where violation can be proven only with very time-consuming and very noisy destruction of the door with power tools. In practice, it has been proven that the mere sight of two Defender on an armored door is a deterrent to an attempted burglary….

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