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We are often asked which are the best frames, aluminum frames or PVC frames. How ecological are PVC frames? How safe is it to make windows? Before reading Mr. Tsipiras's article, find out about Greenpeace's point of view.PVC: A dangerous roommate for..
02 Aug Unlocking vertical movement screen
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One of the most common accidents that occur in various openings, whether they are windows or balcony doors, is the one with the vertical screens. There are many times when due to carelessness mainly due to young children, the elderly or even lovable..
25 Jun Double locking system = Double security
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An armored door can have a dual lock and unlock system, meaning you need two different keys to lock and unlock the door. It is either a single lock with 2 cylinders (see DOUBLE LOCKS) or two separate locks of independent operation, one basic (see SI..
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