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Κριτικές πελατών

Ch. Athanassiou SA

Our experience from our cooperation is quite positive. There was no delay in delivery time (executed according to the agreement). There is a wide range of products that covered every different construction. The experience of your management and staff creates a sense of security and the result justifies you.

Cosmic Center SA

With this review, I would like to express my full satisfaction with your services. The service was impeccable and your professionalism at a high level. I want to emphasize that in addition to the good work with an excellent result, you were by our side and later in any service if we needed.

SKODA Dealership

Our cooperation begins many years ago and is excellent in all areas. Its characteristics are reliability, speed and responsibility. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs aluminum frames and more. Continue your excellent image. Good work!


Flawless cooperation in the placement of materials, delivery time and diligence of the management at any time needed to be there without worries and always with a smile.


Our cooperation lasts for several years. During this time that Vassilis Nikoletas's company emerged, he was there immediately and with the appropriate products. Their experience and kindness makes me highly recommend them.


Our cooperation lasts several years, both professionally and personally. The quality of the materials, the technology and the know-how they use enables them to provide quality products of high standards. After-sales service is also important. We highly recommend the company of Mr. Nicoleta!


Excellent cooperation. Professionals for demanding clients.


The work they undertook was quite difficult, the result was excellent and in general our cooperation was impeccable at all levels.


Perfect cooperation before and after the completion of the installation! We highly recommend the company of K. Vassilis Nikoleta!

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