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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Offer, Reliability and Social Sensitivity, signed by Vassilis Nikoleta

The goal of a company to always be on top, without relying on specific principles, is a temporary goal.

A company, an active and conscious member of society.

At Vassilis Nikoletas we rely on the human factor, we believe in meritocracy and we allow the ability and creativity of our partners to stand out in conditions of comfort and tranquility. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, we want to be a permanent island of supply, as a healthy, "human" enterprise with environmental, social and educational activities.

We are raising awareness

  • We respect the environment
  • We care about man
  • We improve the quality of daily life

Reliability combined with responsibility and the ability to adapt to all conditions, and the offer imbued with social sensitivity, express our philosophy.

For Vassilis Nikoletas, respect for man and the environment is a matter for all of us.

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