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For 40 years, SIAMO has been a pioneer and innovator with an ally in your trust and preference for security doors. In the long run, it develops its products combining knowledge, high technology, excellent materials and faithful application of rules. The responsibility that falls on the designers and manufacturers of security products is enormous and they are proud to be able to guarantee your safety, making products of high aesthetics that do not just give the feeling of security but provide real protection. SIAMO manufactures security doors, the technical characteristics of which are superior to those defined by even the highest security class (class 6).SIAMO believes that every development of locks and shielding techniques, evolves aspiring burglars, thus constantly upgrading its products and services, always managing to be one step ahead.


CONVEX was founded in 1991 by Panagiotis Pantazelos who has been active in the field of hardware since 1973. The Hellenic Industrial Company SA (SA) acquired the name CONVEX based at 71 G. Gennimata, Magoula, Attica.

In 2003 the company is transferred to privately owned facilities of 6500 m2. The production unit of CONVEX is transferred to this functional and modernly equipped space, while the building at G. Gennimata 71 is being renovated and now houses the company's offices, showroom, storage and distribution.

CONVEX is a vertical unit in the field of hardware and all production phases take place within its own facilities. The object of its work is the design, production and marketing of its products.

The products of the company are:

  • Door Knobs and Handles
  • Furniture Knobs and Handles
  • Fireplace Accessories
  • Curtain accessories

It has an extensive network of resellers throughout Greece. CONVEX exports to countries such as Cyprus, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine.

A crucial role in the development of the company is its uninterrupted investment in the design sector. Specifically, the design of CONVEX products is outsourced to distinguished designers or in-house exclusive designs are developed. 21 years later, CONVEX, maintaining the traditional and family values, integrates in its potential the second generation and walks with the same zeal for the new innovative, elegant, functional and quality product.


In 1988, ALUMIL was founded by its current shareholders (Mylona family) after their departure from the "Aluminum Industry of Northern Greece" (BALVE SA) which is also active in the production of aluminum profiles. In March of the same year, the construction of its industrial facilities in the Stavrochori Kilkis Industrial Area begins. In 1990, production begins with the operation of the first extrusion line of aluminum 1,600 MT (Metric tons) with a production capacity of 7,000 tons of profiles per year.In 1993, the subsidiary ALUSYS was founded, based in Athens, with the aim of selling the company's components and aluminum profiles in Southern Greece and the technical support of its customers. The facilities of the dyehouse are created in the Kilkis Industrial Zone, of the new section for the production of profiles with a thermal switch which produces profiles of improved technical specifications and of the section of surface protection of profiles with a coating of special adhesive polypropylene films.In 1995, having as a business course, the installation of a new aluminum extrusion line with a production capacity of 10,000 tons per year as well as three new furnaces begins. This new line more than doubles the production capacity of ALUMIL, thus facilitating the increased demand of its products in the domestic market and its systematic expansion in foreign markets. The company INTERNO SA is founded, with which the implementation of the investment of a new unit for the construction of interior doors begins, consisting of aluminum frames and wooden panels.

Regarding the environmental & social course, the procedures for obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate for the production departments of aluminum profiles and electrostatic painting begin. In 2015, the establishment of a foreign subsidiary based in Australia takes place. Establishment of a foreign subsidiary based in India.


ETEM is a leading aluminum extrusion company that ranks among the most promising in Southeastern Europe. ETEM, founded in 1971, is the first company to design and manufacture integrated architectural systems and aluminum profiles for industrial applications in Greece. With two production facilities, in Athens (Greece) and Sofia (Bulgaria), and an annual capacity of more than 40,000 tons, ETEM guarantees continuous and uninterrupted delivery to all our customers.With continuous innovations and investments in infrastructure equipment and personnel, ETEM is an international company with exports exceeding 70% of its production capacity and presence in more than 20 countries. With more than 40 years of experience, in both areas where they have a presence, in the design and production of architectural systems and aluminum profiles for industrial applications, they are committed to serving customers with value-added products and services and establish long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and consistency. ETEM holds a strong position in Southeastern Europe and is constantly seeking development in new countries and markets. With efficient structures and highly qualified staff, it fulfills its strategic goal of understanding and meeting the needs of each market as well as facilitating customers to achieve their own goals.Their people offer numerous services to customers, from the training and technical support of manufacturers and installers of window and door frames to the full support of the project throughout the project cycle. Starting from the initial idea, they help the interested body, the individual, the investor or the designer to choose the best product or the appropriate solution for his requirements, they make it easier for the architect or the engineer to define the specifications of the project and they can also to offer technical support or training to the manufacturer and installer of ETEM products. At ETEM, the goal is to design and produce products that help improve your daily life in the environment of home, work or work.


Since its establishment in 1982, ALUMINCO has set as its goal, the innovative activity in the field of research, development and production of high quality aluminum products and aesthetics. This choice gradually raised ALUMINCO among the leading Greek aluminum industries and the most respected and recognizable in the world. Today, utilizing over three decades of experience in the field, it has evolved into an integrated vertical aluminum industry. Its main feature is the widest range of certified products on the market, combined with human and efficient service. The central facilities of ALUMINCO SA are located in Inofyta, Boeotia in a total of 34,000 sq.m. privately owned land.

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